The First Of My "Exotic Destination" Inspired Cascade Pendants

I mentioned before that I was so crazy about that layout in Fresh Home Magazine, showcasing design ideas inspired by other countries.  They were so colorful that I posted my favorites on my “inspiration boards” knowing I’d want to go back and use them as a jumping off point for my cascades.

I tend to do two kinds of necklaces – I like mix pendant blanks with teeny tiny papercraft and then fill them with acrylic

Cascades are what I really love to make, though.  I hang a bunch of beads and beads-on-chains from circles or ovals of various sizes and materials.

The cascade I made last night is based on the “India” layout, my absolute favorite of the lot.
I realize how little hot pink or fuchsia I have in my bead stash – I have lots of blues and earth tones and even some pastels, but no bold brights.  I will have to remedy that, but did what I could with what I had.

I love this so much I am going to keep it.  I might make another one similar, but I tend to never do the same design twice, partially because I’m a Gemini with rampant ADD and partially because I like each thing I make to be a one-and-only. 

I wish I had better lighting, I really need to look into a better camera.

I’m wearing “India” today and have already gotten a few compliments, but I think it’s because I’m in all black and the bright colors really stand out.

The design layout that
inspired me.
Work is busy today and all I want to do is hole up in the studio and break out all the beads, but tonight I am having dinner with one of my favorite people and fellow estate sale enthuisast.
One of my goals is to start getting up earlier and having more time in the morning before the office grind.  Not only do I have great ideas in the morning, but I like how peaceful my house is at that time.  No teenage boy bickering or loud heavy metal blasting, nobody looking for me because they can’t find anything.  Peace.

However, I also like my bed a little too much to believe that I’m ever going to really start getting up at six or GOD FORBID 5:30, which is the ideal time for me to be up and productive.  Maybe someday.


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Singer/songwriter, jewelry designer, crystal healer, Level II Reiki Practitioner, avid reader, crappy photographer, married mom of two rockerdudes, lover of life.
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