Bead Table Wednesday

Very chaotic table today – last night I went through that giant bag of vintage costume jewelry given to me by Randy’s Aunt and a pile of stuff from my Grandma Brenner that I have never thoroughly gone through. 

Grandma Brenner had a TON of circle pins, many of them still in pretty good condition (Paste/rhinestones intact).  Randy’s Aunt’s stuff was heavy on the “statement” pieces made of mostly wood or plastic.  Some of which I didn’t think were worth taking apart.  I found some strands of wood/glass from both of them that I liked – the wood in particular.

There’s no clear project in the above picture – I have some “rejected” acrylic pendants for one reason or another – bubbles, buckling, I hate that!  I also have a bunch of crystals from flea market purchases I have taken apart – in this case, wine glass charms.  I’m still working on a series inspired by Fresh Home Magazine’s exotic locations layout, I have finished “India”, “China”, and “Australia” and am working on “Brazil” — greens, the wood I re-purposed from Grandma’s necklace, bone, and little hits of fuchsia.  Very springy! 

I finally obtained some photos of these inspiring design layouts to show you the colors that has me humming.

Australia – love hte various blues/greens with the white that pops!

I love the soothing greens/bamboo (or wood) with the pop of fuschia!

Ah, lovely China!

I think this is my favorite! India with bold pinks
and orange and yellow and hammered silver – sigh!

My mother is coming over tonight so I can tweak the two pieces she has submitted for approval for her church group’s retreat – they want me to make 6 necklaces with their specific themes to give as prizes, and that will be fun, although I have a hard time making anything exactly alike – I would stink at an assembly line, I like each thing to be just a little different, even if I’m using similar charms or colors.  Sigh, I gotta do what they want me to do!

Only two days until Las Vegas…it’s been so hard not to buy anything, I keep seeing all these great lampwork beads and other things on Etsy that I want.  Isn’t that the way?  When I have money to burn, I can’t find anything but when I’m trying to be good I see so many amazing things that I have to grit my teeth and force myself offline and pretend I didn’t just see that ONE focal bead, or that other ADORABLE tote bag, or that Pyrex Square Flowers casserole.  I have to keep the big picture in mind — Las Vegas + Flea Market + other insane shopping = need money for real.


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Singer/songwriter, jewelry designer, crystal healer, Level II Reiki Practitioner, avid reader, crappy photographer, married mom of two rockerdudes, lover of life.
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2 Responses to Bead Table Wednesday

  1. Kitty says:

    Can't wait to see what you find in Vegas!

  2. lol…my bead table looks like that all the time!!! I like the idea of recycling pieces from "old" jewelry…I've been recycling silver and plan to recycle jewelry as well. I hear you about the bead shopping thing…it is an addiction for me plain and simple…could be worse I guess! :~)Enjoy Vegas…Cheers

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