Viva Las Vegas!!! Part One

I’m exhausted and broke but had a great time! My best friend, Mothra moved to Lake Havasu City, AZ last year, and thanks to her man’s job (he’s a pilot) she flies East quite frequently.  I’ve flown out once to see her in AZ and then this past weekend she drove three hours up to Las Vegas and met me there and we were on the go since the moment I touched down.  Both of us have sworn that next time we’ll spend more time doing nothing and less time being crazy.

Our itinerary included walking almost four miles of The Strip, poking in and out of several resort/casinos and window shopping in many of the high end shops that would laugh us out the door if we walked in there.  We had delicious Mexican food at Hussong’s which I HIGHLY recommend.  We ended up at the Venetian where I sat at a slot machine for pretty much the first time and ended up winning $100.  Woo! I was pretty excited! 

The next morning we went to the AMAZING Peppermill which is half diner/half insane throwback 70’s lounge complete with super low banquettes surrounding pools that are on fire.  Seriously. 

After reading reviews about the “flea market” we realized it was more of a swap meet (new cheap things in a cardboard box on the ground) which isn’t what I wanted, so I did a little research and found out about the Charleston Antique Mall. And it was glorious.  16,000 square feet of antique and vintage finds and VERY reasonably priced.  The only thing that stopped me from buying everything I could get my hands on was the fact that I had a small carry-on suitcase.  I wished I had a panel truck!  I will post what I actually purchased (very little, showing remarkable restraint) later, but I did take a ton of pictures, mostly because I had to show Randy all this great stuff. 

First of all, let’s talk Pyrex:

Lovely striped mixing bowls in a rustic china cabinet – they were too big
for my suitcase so I didn’t even look at the price tag – and how cute
are those pitchers on the second shelf???

Same dealer/cabinet – dots! I loved the paper lanterns, too.

Some Pyrex Wannabes were mixed in

If only I had a bigger suitcase/panel truck!! I would have
finished my Daisy cinderella bowl collection and added
to my Autumn Harvest…and I probably would have nabbed
that chicken, too.

Oh, Green Square Flowers, how I love you…and with a lid.  Had to walk away.

Many of the dealers had Pyrex among many other things, there was some fun Fiestaware and other mid-century stuff.  One of the things I am KICKING myself about leaving behind was a “Hostess Set” in it’s original box – salad tongs and two sets of salt and pepper shakers in peach plastic. The wee salt/pepper shakers were ADORABLE. Le Sigh.

I was swooning over this dinette set and all the gorgeous tableware on top of it:
One of my Holy Grails – but I want red vinyl seats.  Or mint green. But with
the nails like these! This set was in great shape!

And this post is getting lengthy, so I’ll just add this one more shot:

Another “grail” the metal lawn chairs – and I just LOVED
how this particular dealer styled her space, just lovely.

Stay tuned for more fun stuff from the Charleston Antique Mall!


About leswatkins

Singer/songwriter, jewelry designer, crystal healer, Level II Reiki Practitioner, avid reader, crappy photographer, married mom of two rockerdudes, lover of life.
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3 Responses to Viva Las Vegas!!! Part One

  1. Wow…sounds like a great time was had by all…gotta love that kitchen table and chairs…gorgeous! The Charleston Antique Mall looks/sounds great…I love that kind of adventure.Cheers

  2. monogirl says:

    Fun trip! Thanks for mentioning the difference between a flea market and a swap meet. Flea markets have cool vintage things. Swap meets have tube socks and batteries, in cardboard boxes, on the ground. The large one in New Haven is a swap meet. I have been to those that were both, and find them tolerable.

  3. Yes, Monogirl- the Elephant's Trunk in New Milford, CT is mostly a classic flea market with some swap meet-type vendors, but thankfully, not a lot — if you're ever up this way, you should check it out! 🙂

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