Viva Las Vegas!! Part Two

My best friend Mothra didn’t really “get” my love for poking around flea markets, estate sales, vintage stores, thrift stores, tag sales (how we say garage sales in CT) or antique stores looking at “someone else’s unwanted or abandoned old crap.”  Mothra likes things new and pristine and never-used.  I knew she was indulging my need to check out the Charleston Antique Mart because we have been best friends for 29 years and she loooooves me.

After poking around with me, she is kind of coming around to the Dark Side, and I’m thrilled, it’s fun to talk to someone else about the things that make me throw up some jazz hands and squeal.  Like vintage dish towels and travel souvenirs.  I am almost jealous because where she lives in Lake Havasu City, they put out a weekly paper similar to the Pennysaver which is nothing but listings of garage sales/estate sales and fleas.  I  bet there’s a lot of great Hollywood Regency stuff out that way!  She even told me via email today she might go out this weekend to some garage sales.  You go, Mothra!

Mothra said “I can’t believe how much character everything has – this is at least INTERESTING.”  Perhaps one day she will know the sheer joy of gazing over a pile of boring stuff and zeroing in on that ONE thing, feeling her pulse race and the wash of intense glee when you flip the item over and see it’s reasonably priced and you have the cash. 

Back to the Charleston!  I want to show you some of the lamps that set my heart ablaze:

What are these dogs, Afghans with haircuts? Greyhounds
with perms? They and their fiberglass lampshade were awesome.

These lampshades were ALL wrong, but I loved loved loved
the teal bases.
Not the original shades, but I loved the shape of these two!
Hollywood Regency at it’s over-the-top finest! The lamp
base lit up (red) — I also loved the bar-cart, too.  This
dealer also had zebra skin chairs and surf records.
My boyfriend loves old tube radios, I like old clocks, I took a few shots of both:

This radio was in GREAT condition and was playing an “oldies” station
Check out this INCREDIBLE gorgeous stereo cabinet!!! Again, fantastic
condition – turntable and radio

Even a slot for records — just like the stereo I grew up with (except Mom’s
was that mid-century faux-colonial…I like this one much better)

I love the rounded corners on this one

A clock radio AND desk lamp!!!

Old rotary phones, clocks, and a Selectric!!! 

Some other fun things…

Swizzle Sticks!!! Oh, how I long for some classic
Vegas Casino swizzle sticks…but not at $5+  I also loved
the TWA “destination” swizzles.

Randy was so close to sporting the below shirt — the abstract pattern, not the dice on fire
If only it were an XL…the “L” looked a little small in
the arms.

Holy cats! This is just a small section of the whole shelf.

There was a tremendous amount of vintage clothes here, I looked over a bunch of handbags and hats and even gloves, and managed to control myself.  I really wanted this aqua number even though it’s MUCH too small for me:
I can see myself doing some major Brady Bunch choreography in this
bad boy.
I should have picked up a few of these for my decoupage — just for the articles, of course!!!!:
Naked + go-go boots and big hair = awesome

So many amazing tiki bar accessories — and how about THAT lamp?? HOT!

I don’t know how this happened, but I’m so glad someone took a picture.

I will do one more Vegas post, but concentrating more on the vintage signage and neon out there that I love so much.


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Singer/songwriter, jewelry designer, crystal healer, Level II Reiki Practitioner, avid reader, crappy photographer, married mom of two rockerdudes, lover of life.
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