"Show Me Your Wares"

My title is what my grandmother always said to my mother, aunt, sister and I after we went shopping, if we went shopping without her…we were supposed to open each bag one at a time and show everybody what we purchased, and everyone would “ooh” and “aah”.  My grandmother is no longer with us, and I miss her a lot.  My mother, sister and I and our families have vacationed in Cape Cod at the same time for the last two years and my mother, sister and I will still say, “Show me your wares!” after sight seeing or flea marketing on the Cape and laugh, thinking of Grandma Brenner.

That’s what Thrift Share Monday feels like for me, so I love it.  Here are my “wares” from the past weekend of tag/estate/church rummage sales:

Milk glass – I especially love the candy dish – both only $1
Yay! An old tube radio — Randy LOVES these, this was in great shape
even though only the AM works – $5 at a barn sale.

3 strings of lights and upholstery tassel trim (for future guitar projects) a
pretty tin and a quilted lined lunch bag — this pile cost me $8.25
Note cards, vintage rick rack & bias tape, very old matchbook and
what I THINK are “BeDazzler” bedazzles, but what I am going to use as
push pins on my inspiration board or hammer them into a guitar

One of several 60’s era Life magazines I picked up

Things have not changed, the media are still freaked out about
“subteens” growing up too fast.  Watch out for those FANCY HAIRDOS!
You know you want it…it’s FESTIVE.

I’m very excited about this issue which is in EXCELLENT
shape and is FULL of photos that I can use for decoupage
One of my HOLY GRAILS!!! This is a reproduction,
but it was way cheaper than it would have been if I bought
it online, which I have been hemming and hawing about.
I love it, it brightens up my kitchen.

NOT SHOWN:  Art Deco End table for $5 – I need to clean it up and I’ll post the before/after shots.  I also picked up what I THOUGHT was a costume jewelry ring for $5 — silver toned with faux sapphires and diamonds…but today I noticed that it was stamped 14K inside the band. Now I’m wondering if it is in fact, real.  I also picked up some Pyrex but will post that in a different post as it was drying in a dish drainer last night while I photographed the other stuff.

I am linking to Apron Thrift Girl, Thrift Share Monday — because I want to see everybody’s wares.


About leswatkins

Singer/songwriter, jewelry designer, crystal healer, Level II Reiki Practitioner, avid reader, crappy photographer, married mom of two rockerdudes, lover of life.
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7 Responses to "Show Me Your Wares"

  1. You found some cool stuff!! I love reading through vintage magazines. Happy Monday.

  2. Great stuff! I am super jealous of the milk glass!

  3. You got some wonderful stuff and at great prices! The milk glass is really nice. And the vintage magazines would be a great source of entertainment.I hope your ring turns out to be a fabulous buy!Tammy

  4. Fancy hairdos! Too funny. Great price on the milk glass

  5. monogirl says:

    Oh yes fancy hairdoos will ruin you! I am so jealous of your kit kat clock! I am heading out to the Cape this weekend. Any good thrifting recommendations?

  6. Beccalina says:

    What a great radio! I can never pass them up that is why I have four turntables. lol. The Westmoreland milk glass piece is lovely as well!

  7. PofV – I love to read vintage magazines too, I especially love the ads and use them in scrapbooking/decoupage.Feelsliketime/Chino & Milo: Sometimes the milk glass gods smile upon me, sometimes not so much – I have about 5 pieces, so I suppose I am an official collector, now.Tammy – I am trying to think of a way to get a jeweler to look at it without getting a formal appraisal – I guess if it IS real, I'll get one just so I can really enjoy what a huge bargain it was. ;)Monogirl – If I see a REAL Kit Kat Klock I'm going to pounce on it, I'm cool with the repro for now, though. Beccalina – I end up buying lots of old radios, and I have a really old record player, on of those portable Columbia Sterophonics. One of my other holy grails is a decent mid-century cabinet stereo/radio that still works.

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