Quick Check-In

This has been a crazy week!  My “day job” has been very busy lately, which is good for the global economy but rough on my personal interests.  I work in exporting for a large corporation that makes packaging material – my department is responsible for the coordination of the shipping of large volumes of our product to our other distribution centers world-wide.  When WE are getting busy it means that manufacturing is on the rise, because world-wide, manufacturing companies use our packaging products to ship THEIR products all over.  Two summers ago we were so slow, it was awful.  Right now we’re humming, so maybe things will start picking up everywhere? Let’s hope!

I had every intention to photograph the things I picked up at a few tag/estate sales on Saturday, but Saturday night was a multi-year high school reunion in my hometown (half an hour south of where I now live) and a bunch of my old friends were going to be there.  We had such a good time – we ended up comandeering the karaoke machine which meant I was unable to talk on Sunday, but we tore it up and laughed so much.  I stayed out way past my bedtime and was exhausted all day Sunday despite the fact that I didn’t drink any alcohol.  I guess I’m too old to be a party monster, but I don’t think I’ll stop trying every now and then.

I did want to mention the crazy time-capsule house I went to in Trumbull, CT.  Flocked wall paper, mural of Tuscany in the kitchen, at least 8 different patterns of full settings of dishes – she was your prototypical Italian grandma!  Her midcentury furniture was to DIE for.  I wanted to take pictures but the two snippy gentlemen that were running the sale watched us all like a hawk and refused to haggle on anything.

The ONE blurry surreptitious photo taken of the “boys” room – colonial wallpaper,
dark pine built in closets/shelves with wrought iron drawer pulls – mid-century
“Colonial” at it’s finest…even the lampshade above was a copy of the
Declaration of Independence!

  I walked out of there with some vintage Christmas ornaments, a few silk/chiffon scarves and a rosary.  I just couldn’t see spending $125 on an end table, despite how fabulous it was.  I guess I resent people who have antique store prices at estate sales.  I go to estate sales to eliminate the middle man and there he was, sitting at a card table! Grrrrrr.

Anyhow, photos of my loot to follow later this weekend, probably after the few sales I am heading off to tomorrow.

We are having a belated Mother’s Day shindig for my mother since neither of my siblings nor I could get our schedules to jibe together until now.  I look forward to seeing my nieces.  I am giving my niece Lorelei, 8, a pile of orgami paper that I haven’t used for jewelry, she’s really into folding it into little shirts and purses.  I think we have a 4th generation future crafter on our hands!


About leswatkins

Singer/songwriter, jewelry designer, crystal healer, Level II Reiki Practitioner, avid reader, crappy photographer, married mom of two rockerdudes, lover of life.
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