Got Up To Some Christmas Elving on Sunday

ornament wreath

Wreath made with hot glue, a wire hanger, and glass ornaments

Like many people, I’ve got a pretty serious Pinterest habit (Follow me if you want!) and thanks to Pinterest I was inspired to make the above wreath for the house this year.  It was fairly simple:

1. Fire up the glue gun

2. Gather together any vintage ornaments you’ve been collecting from tag sales year round, or even go out and get new coordinating Christmas ornaments if that’s how you roll. If you don’t want to glue a lot, you’ll need A LOT of ornaments, mind you – this will make your wreath more “3-D”.  I didn’t have a ton of ornaments so the back of my wreath is flattish.

3. Get a wire hanger – like the kind you get from the dry cleaner’s.

4. Glue the cap of the ornament to each ornament to prevent any slip-and-fall breakage of said ornament.

5. You might want to do what I did NOT do and measure the distance between  your screen door and your front door so you don’t make your wreath too wide.  This will also prevent breakage and loud cursing to flood over the neighborhood.  No one needs to hear “SON OF A @*#&$*&^#@*$^@*&*&^!!!!!” first thing on a Sunday morning.

6. Un-twist the top of the hanger.  I used some needle nose pliers to help me with this.

7.  Take your reinforced ornaments and slide them onto the hanger by their loops.  You can predetermine a pattern or just wing it.

8. If you want your wreath to look a little like mine, hot glue some of the ornaments together and let dry.  If you’re just loading up a ton of ornaments you won’t need to glue them together, but it will be a fatter wreath and won’t lie totally flush between your screen door or front door.  My next wreath will be big and fat and I’ll hang it on my detached shed.

9. Fill in any spots where the wire shows with feathers or glittery leaves you clipped off from wreath picks. Or whatever else, I almost used faux holly leaves but decided to stay shiny.

10. Re-attach the wire ends – twist’em back together.  I tried to fashion more of a loop and got a weird oval shape but that doesn’t matter because I hid it with my festive bow.

11. Tie a festive bow at the top to cover your sloppy wire bending skills.

12. Hang on the door.

13. Shut the door and immediately break the big green glass ball and swear a blue streak.  Sweep up the glass and mutter insanely under your breath.  Take your wreath back up to your studio and replace your lovely big green glass ball with two red balls that look like disco balls.

14. Hang your wreath INSIDE and decide that your mission for next year is to collect even more funky vintage Christmas ornaments at all the tag sales in 2013.


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