Funky Square Pendant Tutorial

I was flipping through a scrapbooking magazine a few years ago and they had a one page article about other things to do with your scrapbooking paper.  One idea was to make a necklace by finding some pendant blanks, cutting out a decorative piece of paper or a photo and then sealing it with some glass-finish acrylic.

There are a LOT of scrabble tile/paper under resin pendants all over Etsy and some of the biggest sellers sell the scrabble tile pendants exclusively.  There are even Etsy sellers that sell collage sheets of funky images to be made into pendants.  These fun necklaces are pretty popular!

Here is how I do it — through trial and error I’ve found some fun ways to take this idea and run with it.

What you need:

Pendant Blanks or “Trays” : 1″ inch is the easiest to deal with, but they come in all sizes and shapes, rectangles, hearts, ovals, circles — I find mine on eBay but you can also find them at major craft store chains or right here.

1″ Square Paper Punch: makes life SO much easier

Mod Podge and paint brush: can’t stress this enough!

Fun paper: scrapbooking paper, high quality laser color printed photos/designs, old stamps, clipped illustrations from books, etc. This is where your individual tastes and funky side shows through.

Sakura Hobby Craft 3-D Crystal Lacquer or Judikins Diamond Glaze.  I prefer the 3-D Crystal Lacquer but both work well.


This was a sheet of 12″ X 12″ scrapbooking paper — I punched 1″ out of the bottom corner so I could use the rest for a scrapbooking layout.

1) Gather your supplies.  Sometimes I like to go through and get all my images together first.

2)  Select your image and center it in the 1″ paper punch and punch.  You may still have to trim the image slightly, use the finest scissors you have (I like Honey Bee Precision Scissors).  Place the image in your pendant blank to see if it fits. Trim as needed but be careful not to over-trim.  I’ve had to reprint images and start over because I over-trimmed.

3) Using the paintbrush, “paint” a light coat of Mod Podge on the bottom of the pendant blank.  Place your image over the Mod Podge and smooth it out.

4) Cover the image with a very thin layer of Mod Podge and let dry – it takes about 15 minutes.  I like to do about three-four light coats of Mod Podge, waiting about 15 minutes between each coat.  It protects the image from the lacquer which can sometimes make the printed image fade or bleed.  I learned this the hard way.

5) Using the 3-D Lacquer or Diamond Glaze, pour a very small amount into the tray and move the tray around until the lacquer covers the entire image and fills the tray.  Add more if you need to, but SPARINGLY.  Look out for air bubbles and pop them with a pin.  DO NOT fill the ENTIRE TRAY, the lacquer works best if layered, you may need to do 2-3 layers depending on the depth of your pendant tray.

6) Lay the pendant flat for the lacquer to dry evenly — if your pendant has a slope to it because of the bail, use a Popsicle stick or a folded piece of scrapbooking paper to “even” out the pendant tray, or else the lacquer will pool at the lower end and your finish will be uneven. Let dry overnight, it usually needs 24 hours to harden/cure.

7) 24 hours later, add another layer of lacquer, watching for air bubbles or uneven coverage, sometimes I use another paintbrush to move the lacquer around to where it needs to be in order for the coverage to be complete and even.  Lay the pendant flat again and let harden/cure for another 24 hours.

8) Check the pendant to see if the lacquer is flush with the edges of the tray.  If it is, you’re done! Just add a jump ring/bail and string it on a chain or leather chord and rock your awesome creation.  If not, repeat step 7 as needed.


I used a vintage stamp from my husband’s old stamp collection, it didn’t fill the pendant blank so I punched 1″ of coordinating scrapbook paper.

Be sure to thoroughly wash your brushes as soon as possible to remove any Mod Podge or lacquer from the bristles or else you are going to have to toss them, once dried that stuff will NOT come off.

These pendants are slightly water resistant but they are not water proof. Exposure to water will dull the shiny finish of the lacquer, in my experience.  You can always add another super thin layer to re-up the shine but if you’re making these as a gift, please tell the recipient to avoid getting it wet.

Have fun!!


This is one of my favorites, I scanned a tarot card and shrank it down in Photoshop then printed on good paper. I think the voile ribbon cord really makes it POP. This and the other pendants in this post are available in my Etsy shop.


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