Energy Clearing for your Office Cubicle

Smudge Stick

I am a Reiki practitioner, astrological counselor, musician and jewelry-maker — but sadly my favorite things aren’t where I make the majority of my living.  Shoot, if I were paid to do my favorite thing, I would be paid to read books in a big leather chair while listening to the Pandora Motown station and drinking coffee!

Most of my day is spent working for an international corporation in charge of coordinating exports to our global offices.  Deadlines, pressure from being in the middle of supply plants and receiving plants and having to coordinate different products from different places to get everything on to one container and then being at the mercy of the freight forwarders and steamship lines can make things pretty tense around here.  Add having to be meticulous for customs and the fact that I’m signing my name on legal documents and if something hits the fan, the government will come looking for me and there you go — there’s my attraction to energy healing and how much time I spend trying to ground and energize myself.

In addition to the job itself, I have to work with other people.  My department is small and we’re right on top of each other in a tiny cube farm in a windowless office right behind the men’s room.  Sometimes I can feel really frustrated, negative, resentful and outraged based upon interactions with less cooperative departments that we need cooperation from for things to run smoothly.  Ego-driven coworkers who think compromise is a weakness can really bring my energy down not to mention the energies and attitudes of my other coworkers – they’re just not as consciously aware of it as I am.

Thoughts are energy, and so many people in a one place with different agendas and personalities, personal problems and worries can leave a cloud of negative energy just lurking over everything like a dense fog.  No you can’t see it or smell it, but you certainly can feel it on a subconscious level.  Bad attitudes can be contagious. Negative mental and emotional energy can absolutely affect the working environment and personal stress levels of everybody in the office.

So what can we do? It’s like this at almost every job whether it’s a restaurant, a shop, a doctor’s office, or a buttoned-up corporation.  Sartre said, “Hell is other people.” but it doesn’t have to be!

There are lots of articles online about positive attitude, team-building exercises, personal stress relief in the workplace and they are helpful, but it’s almost impossible to maintain a positive attitude if all the negative energy isn’t cleared out on a regular basis.

Most corporate environments are not known for embracing  energy healing or feng shui.  They would probably frown on you if you brought a priest or shaman to clear and bless your space.  We are not allowed to burn scented candles at our office, so Lord knows burning a smudge-stick is out of the question.  And while clearing the energy of the entire building would be ideal, there’s a lot you can do just in your own personal space to clear negative energy and protect yourself from the energy of others.

My manager is pretty cool and she lets me energy cleanse our particular office space within the larger building.  The techniques and items I use can be used in your own personal cubicle or even a stand-alone desk and you can be subtle about it, too.

First, you need intention, and that’s free.  Your intention is to release all stagnant and negative energy back to the ether and to attract positive energy.  Your intention is to be grounded and to protect yourself against negativity within yourself and the negativity of others.  I also like to intend the energy around my cubicle to promote cooperation, clear communication, motivation and focus (as I have ADD and can easily get off-task).  The crystals I choose to keep at my desk reflect these intentions.

My Energy Clearing Tool-Kit (modified for the office)

Disinfecting Wipes:  File this under, “No Duh!” but I clean the grime off my desk before any energy work – a clean shiny desk FEELS better. I also try to keep the paper chaos to a minimum to reduce stress.  This is practical AND woo-woo — keep the energy flowing and keep yourself sane.  Don’t get me wrong, I have personal tchotchkes and pictures up on my cubicle (more on that later),but as far as the surface of my desk, I try to keep it clean and clutter-free.

Crystals: I currently use Black Obsidian, Snowflake Obsidian, Black Tourmaline, Bloodstone, Clear Quartz, Blue Lace Agate, Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Fluorite, Carnelian, & Citrine.  The first three are for grounding, protection and warding off negative energy – they are the most important.  The Clear Quartz is to magnify the energies of the crystals.  I use Blue Lace Agate for clear communication and “right speech”, Rose Quartz for its calming-loving positive energy, Amethyst for protection and positive energy, Fluorite for focus and clarity, and Carnelian and Citrine for motivation, positive energy and self-esteem.

I keep my crystals out in the open, above my computer monitor in a above-the-desk cabinet I can close.  I keep a little piece of Black Tourmaline near my computer to protect me from EMFs.   You could keep yours in a velvet drawstring bag in your top drawer or behind your monitor if you don’t want them out on your desk, their energies work just as well: I have some privacy in my cubicle and like to pick them up sometimes.  I’ve read of some people even laying out crystal grids in Tupperware containers and putting them under their desks and leaving them there.

I usually like to buy my crystals in person because I like to hold and see them – locally I visit Mother Earth Gallery, Happy Rainbows, or Hands And Paws – Reiki For All (which has a very nice selection!).  If I’m looking for something unusual or in bulk, I absolutely love Healing  Mary Oquendo, one of the Reiki Masters who attuned me is also an Advanced Crystal Master and I’ve taken several crystal workshops with her – she turned me on to this site.

It’s important to bring your crystals home to cleanse on a regular basis – I tend to do it once a month so I can leave them in my windowsill over the weekend and let the moon cleanse them.

Smudge Stick or Palo Santo Spray — Smudging is an Anglo version of Native American spiritual practice of burning sacred herbs or plants for purification.  Most commercial smudge sticks are made of sage and cedar.  I prefer the white sage (it’s sweeter) but it’s probably not a great idea to burn sage in an office environment.  Not only could it be considered a safety hazard, it also vaguely smells like cannabis – we wouldn’t want anyone to get the wrong idea.

yo wasteoid

Palo Santo Sticks are fantastic, I use them at home – they have a much nicer smell.  South American shamans use them the same way Native Americans used sage.  They burn slow and go out quickly so you have to relight them a lot if you’re smudging a large space with them. Again, not a good idea to burn them in an office.

Space Clearing Sprays to the rescue!

I use Shamans Dawn Palo Santo Spray in the office.  On occasion I’ve brought in a bottle of my Guardian Spray from Alaskan Essences (also available at Hands And Paws!) that I use at home to protect against negative energy after purifying the office space.

Energy Cleansing sprays are a fantastic way to instantly change your personal energy or the energy in the space around you – but be sure that you’re using a spray with 100% therapeutic grade essential oils.  Artificial fragrances do not work and many contain nasty phthalates.  Stick to the pure stuff.

Singing Bowl or Bells — Bells are a fantastic way to clear energy, breaks it right up.  At home I have a pair of Tingsha bells.  When clearing the energy in my home I walk to all four corners of the house and ring the bells – corners are where a lot of the energy can stay stagnant.

tingsha bells

At work, I have a pair of Baoding Balls – I can get fidgety, so I use these like Humphrey Bogart in Mutiny on the Bountry and roll them in my hands to hit the pressure points, but they also have bells in them.

I’ll walk around and ring them in my hands in the corners of my cubicle or by the doorways to our office.  They have a pretty sound and they’re small and subtle.

Essential Oils – Grapefruit oil is a whiff of instant happy! Lavender oil is calming and soothing.  One of my favorites is a (100% Therapeutic grade) blend of oils called “Focus” from Plantlife.  It contains Basil, Clove, Eucalyptus, Black Pepper and Rosemary oils.  I drop a few drops on a tissue and let the scent permeate the area around me.  If you can manage to get a diffuser, that’s great, but in a small space, just a few drops on a tissue is enough.  Remember to never put pure essential oils directly on your skin.  Also check with a doctor if you’re pregnant or nursing before messing around with essential oils.  Better safe than sorry!

Just a few minutes of your time and your intention can make a world of difference in your attitude and energy levels at work.  I also use Reiki to protect my personal energy and the energy in my cubicle.

In order to KEEP my energy positive, I like to have happy things around me.  Pictures of my family, bright colors, works of art that inspire me.

One of my all time favorite paintings - I have a postcard print of this hanging in my cubicle.

One of my all time favorite paintings – I have a postcard print of this hanging in my cubicle.

I have little statues stashed in my cubicle that also act as touchstones throughout my day.  I have Kuan Yin to remind me to operate from the heart and focus on compassion.  I have a Ganesh as protection.  I have a Maneki-Niko cat for good luck.  I have a glass figurine of a pig with wings, “when pigs fly!” because it’s funny and reminds me that things that feel impossible can be possible.

I have a little photo of Archangel Michael for protection and a St. Raphael (Archangel Raphael) prayer card pinned to the wall behind my monitor that nobody sees (but me!) unless I move my computer.  But that’s me – I like Archangels and other representations of spiritual beings from other cultures.

If you are able to listen to music at your desk, there are a TON of energy clearing music videos on YouTube, too.  I have uploaded several crystal singing bowl music CDs and other Reiki music that I find uplifting and have a playlist on my iPod I’ll break out when I need a boost.

It’s such a personal thing – use whatever music or talismans you have that make you happy, remind you of love and that you are loved, and remind you that you are MORE than an office drone.  You’re a spiritual being having a human experience and sometimes that means conference calls and arguments about who is responsible for what.  It doesn’t have to grind you down.

My friends and I at Hands And Paws — Reiki For All are available for space clearing for your home or office as well as other energy healing and workshops.  Contact us if you would like us to come cleanse your space!


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