Custom Astrological Jewelry

Astrological braceletAstrological jewelry is my favorite kind custom work – totally individual and one-of-a-kind and using my knowledge of astrology to customize and personalize a piece of jewelry for the wearer.

Years ago I used to interpret natal charts – I focused on the gifts and challenges of the native rather than “predictive” astrology which is something I’m not that into – I like the idea of Free Will and how things roll out based upon our choices.  Maybe there is some destiny at work, but I am living proof that a leopard CAN actually change their spots, so I don’t go for the whole, “But I can’t help it, I’m a ____” thing some people try to pull.

ANYHOW, this necklace —————————–>Astrology Necklace for my SIL

was meant for someone who had a lot of Earth, Fixed and Cardinal signs, and not a lot of Air or Mutable signs, and just a dash of Water.  Therefore, I chose stones that would harmonize with a Capricorn, but would also vibrate with the “Air”, “Water”, and “Mutable” energies — fluidity, flexibility, cool head, open to higher guidance, self-love, compassion, equanimity, freer communication – you know, “upper” chakra stuff.  I threw in the fairy bells and feather charm as a further representation of Air energy.

I totally love how it turned out, and more importantly, the wearer did too!  She even wants a more detailed interpretation of her chart, which I am happy to do.

Sagittarius custom bracelet and earring set

Sagittarius custom bracelet and earring set

<—— This set was for a Sagittarius who was pretty well-balanced, but needed a bit of Air and Earth to balance out her fiery passionate energy.  She told me she liked pink and black so I used a liberal amount of Rose Quartz, Rhodonite, Hematite and Black Tourmaline as well as Amazonite, Blue Calcite, Turquoise, and Lapis Lazuli.

My main focus when creating custom astrological jewelry is enhancing the wearer’s personal energy and creating balance with healing crystal stones where there is either an over-abundance of an element/modality or a total lack of one.  For example, ME: I am pretty balanced elementally but I have a huge amount of mutable signs  (6) and only 2 Cardinal and 2 Fixed.  In my head this translates to me needing some grounding stones and some stones that have a fiery “go get’em” energy like carnelian or garnet.

Have you had your chart read? Do you know where you need to have a little balance in your personal energy system? Do you use crystals to help enhance your energetic body? Let me know!


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Singer/songwriter, jewelry designer, crystal healer, Level II Reiki Practitioner, avid reader, crappy photographer, married mom of two rockerdudes, lover of life.
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5 Responses to Custom Astrological Jewelry

  1. That’s a really great way to design… I ordered a chart from someone a while back and still waiting on it… When finally turns up, I’ll view it with gemstones in mind…
    Thanks for sharing this 🙂

  2. Interesting post! I know very little about gemstones and astrology, so it was really interesting to read how you’ve combined the two. Blessings, Andrea

  3. Arwen says:

    What an interesting approach. I love stones and astrology so I’m very intrigued.

  4. Mary Oquendo says:

    As a recipient of her jewelry. Its awesome!!!.Already thinking about the next piece I want.

  5. I definitely use crystals! I have my chart read annually right around my birthday (many happy returns.) Beautiful jewelry!

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