My Favorite Tarot Card

 Today’s topic for the Spiritual Badass Magic-Up Your Blog Challenge is my favorite tarot card. My favorite tarot card is The Tower. 

“Wait, what?” You might by asking. “That card looks HORRIBLE! I mean there’s FIRE and lightning and people plunging headfirst onto craggy rocks and into the blackness! How in any way can this be your favorite?”

This card is all about the big shake-up. Freedom. Liberation through destruction. This card was my life at age 27 when I bottomed out on drugs and alcohol and turned my whole life upside down to get sober and find out who I really was.  It was painful, it was dark, it was scary, it was exciting and full of the unknown. I felt totally alone in the world and like someone stripped me of my armor and thrust me out there with nothing but my birthday suit. Yes, it was horrible.


I learned so much when I was totally alone in the world – like it’s okay to go to the movies alone, to go to a museum alone, to take a train ride out to the ocean by myself, to walk around the city like a tourist by myself. I learned what I really liked and really didn’t.  I found myself out there once my armor was off.  I was free.  

When I do readings people usually gasp when I turn over The Tower but I always say, “Oooh, LUCKY!!!!” Of course it’s a little scary but what’s on the other side is PURE MAGICAL AWESOME.

Do you have a favorite tarot card? Or least favorite? Let me know!



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Singer/songwriter, jewelry designer, crystal healer, Level II Reiki Practitioner, avid reader, crappy photographer, married mom of two rockerdudes, lover of life.
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9 Responses to My Favorite Tarot Card

  1. Mary Oquendo says:

    I have to say I draw that card on a regular basis. I have learned to embrace it rather than fear it.

  2. leswatkins says:

    I’d rather pull this one than the 10 of Swords, just on a visual point. Even though that card isn’t as dire as it looks either, it bugs me.

  3. Apart from the fact that I have learned more about Tarot today than I ever knew before, what you say makes so much sense. I recognise that process in my own experience. Thank you.

  4. Ellen says:

    My favorite is the Hermit. Like so many of us. After my Tower experiences this cards represents peaceful and quiet solitude. My least favorite is Justice because I often draw a blank with that one 😀

  5. Ha ha ha I love this! This is my new favourite Tarot card. I used to dread pulling this card, but not anymore. Sometimes to make room for awesome new stuff in our lives, it means destroying the old and I’m all for that! I wrote a post a while ago now about the Goddess Kali, who is seen in Hindu traditions as the destroyer, but it is in a similar way to the Tower card, she destroys the old so new ways of being can come. Fab card. In truth I don’t have a favourite card, whatever card I pick on the day is just what I needed to hear so they’re all great! Love to you. Andrea

  6. Tina says:

    I don’t mind getting the tower in a reading! I wouldn’t make it my favorite though lol.

  7. The Hermit usually represents me, which makes sense since I am a bit of a recluse at times. But my favorites are the Wheel of Fortune (a great reminder when you’re down that you will be up again), and ?? I call it the Gathering, the card that says once a year all our incarnations of all our souls’ work meet and your soul is open to be seen. Forget the name, but it makes me feel eternity. LOL The Tower is so like my life.

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