Fixed Signs (And Cardinal And Mutable) – Modalities of the Zodiac

F Yesterday I wrote about Elements in the Zodiac  – three signs in four different elements that have the same things in common. Today I’m writing about Modalities, or the different kinds of energy that each element expresses.  The Modalities represent the seasons of the year, which is why each of the elements is represented in each mode: four seasons – four elements.  In each season we have the beginning starting with either the equinox or solstice, the middle where the qualities of each season stay steady, and the end where things begin to change and shift into the next season.

Cardinal signs are the signs that get thing started, they have a lot of leadership qualities, they are motivators, they can be impulsive – the degree of impulsivity is related to the element.  Cardinal signs are driven but tend to be more excited about *STARTING* projects than finishing them.  They don’t always see things through to the very end because another idea captures them and they are passionate about starting something else.  The Cardinal signs all happen at the beginning of the seasons: Aries (Spring), Cancer (Summer), Libra (Fall) and Capricorn (Winter).  They like change, they like creating change.   Aries is a Cardinal Fire sign: probably the “fieriest” fire signs there are because of the added Cardinal energy.  Cancer is very driven towards emotional connection, family and creating a beautiful, safe home.  The Cardinal energy shows up in Libra with their passion towards art, fashion, and fairness.  Libras are often driven to create beauty in their work and environment.  Capricorn is a Cardinal Earth sign – their drive and motivation is for grounded, practical success in both business and home life – they make excellent leaders and can also overcome the Cardinal tendency to leave things unfinished

Fixed signs, on the other hand, do not like change as much.  Fixed Signs are the signs found in the middle of the seasons.  Fixed signs are as fixed as their element, meaning Taurus is the most steady and stubborn of the signs (Earth) while Aquarius (Air) may not appear to be as “Fixed” but they can be stubborn about their ideals and the way they think.  Scorpio, a Fixed Water sign is more emotionally “Fixed”; they love long and hard and have a difficult time letting go of past hurts. Oh, they will be okay, but they never forget. They love finishing projects.  They work well with Cardinal signs as long as Cardinal signs aren’t too pushy since Fixed signs resent any form of manipulation and like to do things the way they do them.

Mutable signs are the signs that signify the end of a season and changing over into the next.  They tend to have a little bit of both Cardinal and Fixed energy.  Mutable signs are flexible and easygoing, they can roll with changes.  They might need a little more motivation to start something and they definitely need some structure in order to finish things.  Mutable signs are a little more adventurous and their open mindedness comes from their curiosity and a need to know “what next”.  Geminis are Mutable Air — fluid communicators – quick witted and natural storytellers.  Virgos are the most flexible Earth signs, they are quick to take practical action and a little better at rolling with the punches than the other Earth signs.  Sagittarius are the most laid back of the fire-signs – slightly less driven towards accomplishment and more driven toward experiencing new things. Pisces are the “wateriest” of the water signs – the mutable energy makes them more obviously open-hearted than the other water signs and increases the intensity of their intuition.

When determining what stones to choose for custom astrological jewelry, I look at the client’s chart and determine what Modalities dominate the chart and look to balance out that energy.  Like with the elements, some people have a balanced amount, and some have a very heavy amount of one kind of modality and not enough of the other.

I’m sure you can guess what kind of stones I would use to compliment or balance the Modalities:  Grounding stones = Fixed signs, Air/Water Stones = Mutable signs, Fire stones = Cardinal signs.

See, each one of us is made up of so much more than just our Sun Signs.  Some people have told me that they felt like they are nothing like their Sun Signs and once I do their whole natal chart we can see all the other signs that influence their personalities and abilities.   If you’re interested in a Natal Chart reading, you can purchase one here – I’m available for phone readings or in person, if you’re local.


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One Response to Fixed Signs (And Cardinal And Mutable) – Modalities of the Zodiac

  1. tara tyler says:

    the elements and stones and the zodiac have always fascinated me – i really need to do a reading sometime and see what i “need!” i especially liked the Cancer post – the sexy grandma of the zodiac – awesome! wish i was one! i’ll definitely be back to hear about scorpio =)

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