Odds and Ends, Doings and Happenings

I saw this post first thing this morning and it brought tears to my eyes, how I love our friends who live in the ocean!

An Orchestra Brings Whales To The Surface

This weekend I went to see one of my oldest friends with one of my other oldest friends in the lovely CT shore town of Niantic.  My friend Jon lives about a half mile from the ocean and right next to Rocky Neck State Park.  We had a beautiful day and spent a little time at the beach.

After that we went somewhere funky called The Dinosaur Place, but focused on the Shops – namely the Rock and Mineral shop and the bead shop! I pretty much stayed within budget at both places and picked up some tumbled crystals I’ve never really worked with before, I look forward to getting to know Mangano Calcite and Peruvian Pink Opal.

Last week I started a six week Intro to Herbalism course at Twin Star Herbal Education in New Milford, CT.  I learned a great deal about three very common and plentiful medicinal plants: Nettle, Red Clover, and Dandelion.  I tasted teas made from all three of them – and learned how intensely nutritious Nettles are.  Our teacher said that if we drank Nettle Tea every day for a week we’d feel different, so I decided to take that challenge.  I have to say that after 5 days of drinking three cups of Nettle tea a day, I sleep better, my skin is clearing up, my digestive system has been working swimmingly: I’m a believer!

This week we get to harvest some wild herbs in the field, I’m looking forward to it despite being kind of a cream-puff when it comes to outdoor/yard work.  However, I took this class because I hope to change that.  I live in a state with four seasons, with lush, fertile growth, with three and a half acres of woods behind my house and a little stream.  Growing up, I was ALWAYS outside and never wanted to be inside: what happened to that girl? I want to be her again.



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Singer/songwriter, jewelry designer, crystal healer, Level II Reiki Practitioner, avid reader, crappy photographer, married mom of two rockerdudes, lover of life.
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