Today’s Tarot Reading

tarot reading 12082015

The Lovers Reversed, Nine of Cups Reversed, Three of Swords Reversed

I did a little “Past, Present, Future” reading with my new-to-me deck, The Hanson-Roberts Tarot Deck (in the Rider Waite tradition) with these beautiful fairy-tale like illustrations.

I looked up the meanings at Biddy Tarot since the deck doesn’t come with its own guidebook.

I’m interpreting this little spread to mean that my past energies were me avoiding taking responsibility for myself, feelings of insecurity, and feeling out of synch.

My present energies are disappointed that my wishes aren’t materializing as hoped or expected (perhaps because I haven’t been taking responsibility for manifesting them!?!?!)

It’s also a reminder to kind of rein in the self-indulgence.  Distracting myself from what I really want with what LOOKS satisfying in the moment (free cookies everywhere).

So, the POSSIBLE energies coming my way look promising considering how kind of “meh” the first two cards are: processing pain and moving towards letting go and freedom.  Feel the feelings, don’t fight them with delicious distractions, and move through them in order to not stay “STUCK”.

Over at Biddy Tarot the questions asked  after the definition of the Three of Swords reversed are “In what ways am I suffering? What do I most feel sorrowful about? What can I do to release this pain and learn from it?”

I’m going to sit with these questions for a while and see if I have any real answers.  I don’t have a lot of clarity right now so I probably need to spend some quiet time with pen and paper.


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