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Chakra Cascade Pendants

  I’m working on a whole series of chakra cascade pendants — the top photo is for the heart chakra, the bottom for the throat chakra. Each cascade contains a variety of crystals chosen to balance and energize the chakras … Continue reading

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Coral, Turquoise, Carnelian, Pearl and Crystal Cascade

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What I Learned At My First Craft Fair

1.  DO NOT forget to get coffee before going in…because it’s likely that there are no snacks/drinks available and I will have to bribe the granddaughter of the lovely but complete stranger selling fleece blankets and hats at the table … Continue reading

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I Heart Etsy

Etsy is a dangerous place for me. I can spend hours in an Etsy K-Hole before even realizing how much time has passed. I’m always delighted by the awesome things I find – I tend to geek out over photography … Continue reading

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Necklace Du Jour

Blue and brown agate, dragon vein agate, tiger eyecloisonne beads and crystal

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Neighborhood Tag Sale

My family lives on a cul-de-sac off a main road in our town – it’s a busy road, but our street is pretty quiet.  It’s also probably one of the safest in town considering we have a policeman living next … Continue reading

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 A pile of sorters in front of one of my inspiration boards,again, piles of stuff hanging around needing to bephotographed individually. Not a lot going on up in the studio this week, I’ve been torn between family stuff and … Continue reading

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Gift For My Boyfriend’s Niece

Randy’s niece Brandi’s birthday was this past weekend, she’s really into video games so we bought her a gift card to Game Stop, but I hate just giving a gift card and always think it’s fun for someone to open … Continue reading

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The First Of My "Exotic Destination" Inspired Cascade Pendants

I mentioned before that I was so crazy about that layout in Fresh Home Magazine, showcasing design ideas inspired by other countries.  They were so colorful that I posted my favorites on my “inspiration boards” knowing I’d want to go … Continue reading

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