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WTF Tuesday, Banana Spliff?

What the heck is this? I asked and lifted it up, tofind out….. That it’s a Rasta Banana.  A 6′ long Rasta Banana withheavy lidded eyes. I completely understand why it was donated, but I am wondering where this came … Continue reading

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WTF? Tuesday – Ick

Let’s keep the bathroomy-theme going shall we? The above photo is not enhanced, and sadly you cannot see HOW urine-like the yellow water appears in the carousel horse snow-globe offered at the New Milford, CT Goodwill. My big question is … Continue reading

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WTF Tuesday — Really?

Maybe he needs his True Blue Friend instead ofa nice Chianti. Seen at the Brookfield, CT Goodwill.  In what room is this appropriate? Was this meant to be kitchen decor? Because if so…Ewwww. Naturally, I am linking with Sir Thrift A … Continue reading

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WTF? Down Undah

I would love to know how a brass souvenir clock in the shape of Australia found its way to the Goodwill in Danbury, CT. the “W” in WTF stands for “WHY” in this case. Am I sick that I kind of wanted … Continue reading

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Estate Sale – WTF?

Last weekend I went to an estate sale at a place that used to be a Jewish Summer Camp – now it’s a bunch of weird houses down a gated driveway.  They held the estate sale in what was — … Continue reading

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